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About Us

Our Beginnings

Or founder is Michael R Douglas. He took his love of entertaining people with magic tricks and turned that passion into a business. He married Claribel Toro who had a love of salsa dancing. She served her community as a Latin dance instructor and event promoter.

Over time, the demand for their services exceeded available time slots on the calendar. Plus, clients began asking them for additional services they didn’t personally offer. Through their network of business contacts they began booking other people to help meet the needs of their clients. This was the beginning of their efforts as an entertainment agency.

Our Growth

As the demand for magic shows increased, we had to turn away many clients since our calendar was often full. We also sought to offer alternate entertainment services to the same clients who were hiring us for magic shows. The hope was to get the same clients who loved us to book us for multiple types of events each year. These factors influenced us to hire staff to help meet some of these needs.

Why Clients Love Us

They love us because we consistently deliver on our mission:  That is to deliver quality that is so good that it creates an outstanding experience for them. The result of that experience is that they remember us, talk about us to their friends, and rehire us.  What does that level of quality look like?


  1. Prompt, clear communication
  2. High quality online presence

Quality Performance

  1. If the show or whatever service we provide isn’t good than nothing else that we do matters.
  2. For us, quality is not just measured by the level of skill we display. It is also measured by how we make our audiences feel. Is the audience engaged with our performance? A quality display of skill is cancelled out by arrogance, rudeness, or socially unacceptable behavior.


  1. We make every effort to make clients and their audiences feel that we care about them.
  2. Fair business practices factor into this. How do we handle  complaints? How do we handle rescheduling? How do we handle owning our own mistakes and fixing them?
  3. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.



Can We Work Together?


  • If you are looking to engage us for an event, for best service, please click HERE to head back to the home page of this site. Fill out the info at the bottom of the screen and we’ll get with you quickly. You can also call us. If we are out performing or can’t get to the phone, just leave a message with your need, and the date and time of your event. We look forward to being of service.



  • If you would like us to market and represent your talent, then click HERE leave your details at the bottom of the page. We’ll get back with you shortly. Thank you.


Job Seekers

  • If you are interested in seeing how you can build your career by joining our team, then click HERE and fill out the form at the bottom of the screen. Many thanks.



Easy to work with and schedule. Had add-ons that allowed us to book a complete party for our group without having to outsource other places. We booked for children but it was so good that even the adults found it funny! Highly recommend for your very small and very large party.

LaRhonda Davis

“Clara is an awesome instructor. She has a fun & vibrant personality. Awesome!”

Alex Aker

My toddler had a foam party for her 4th bday and it was so much fun. Micheal was professional and had wonderful communication leading up to the event. All the parents enjoyed watching their kids have such a fun time & the foam didn’t cause any skin or eye irritation. Highly recommended!

Kelli Tart

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